Bagdana Yatra

Gadi Mandir

The trust mandal has been put up Pujya Bapa’s photo at Gadi Mandir where Bapa use to seat daily and here offered AARATI and THAAL everyday.
Samadhi Mandir

Kalbhairav Mandir

The Statue of Shree Kaal Bhairam is 9 feet taller.

Dhayan Mandir
Main Mandir

The silver idol of Pujya Bajarandas Bapa of 45 Ton was inaugurated on “POSVAD” 4, dated ____ in main temple on this occasion “Pratishta Mahotsav” was celebrated for 6 days.

Ram Panchayat

The Statue of Ram, Laxman,Janki and Hanuman are made from white marble of Makrana

Main Mandir “Hanumanji” & “Ganpatiji”

Hanumanji Dari Bapa’s Charan Paduka
Gopal Gram Prasadalay

This is the place where every person takes PRASAD without any difference of caste. Here not taken any charges for PRASAD.10,000 to 15,000 devotees takes Prasad everyday 25,000 to 30,000 on Sunday devotees take prasad and purnima and festivals hike up 2 lacs and 2.5 lacs devotes take prasad.

Sometimes devotees sponsered the hole day prasad.

Bagdeshwar Mahadev Mandir

This is the temple of “Bagdeshwar Mahadev”, which is situated in Bagdana village. Here Bagadalam Rushi had devout austerity for __ years.
Bapa’s Old Madhuli Annapurna Devi
Bapa’s Prasadi

The BANDI, GODADI, RADIO, etc. Which items Pujya Bapa had used, are put up in the glass-cupboard for devotees

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