AMLA – The Holy and Healthful Fruit

In one episode of the Padma Purana, Lord Shiva says to Kartikeya, “Dear son! The fruit
of Amla is supremely holy. It is believed to be pleasing to Lord Vishnu and very auspicious. Its
consumption prolongs life. One drinking the juice of Amla earns religious merits, while taking
bath after smearing this juice on the body eradicates poverty and endows one with riches. O
Skanda (another name of Kartikeya)! Demons and evil spirits do not enter a house wherein
Amla is kept. Those who take bath using Amla-juice on both the Ekadashis of the month are
purged of their sins. O six-headed one! One should wash one‟s hair with Amla-juice. One
having darshana of Amla, touching it and pronouncing its name pleases Lord Vishnu and wins
His favour. Therefore, one should always keep Amla in his house. Lord Vishnu is very much
pleased with the one who offers Amla-jam and other items prepared from Amla to Him. One
consuming Amla goes to higher planes of existence. One should not take Amla on Sundays and
especially on the seventh lunar day. Amla should not be taken on Fridays, first, sixth and ninth
lunar days as well as on Amavasya and Sankranti days.”
Ayurveda holds Amla to be useful in diseases like menorrhagia, piles, impotency, heart
diseases, urinary diseases, burning sensation, indigestion, asthma, cough, diarrhoea, jaundice,
tuberculosis, etc. It nourishes all the seven dhatus. Apart from being a heart and brain tonic it
prolongs life, improves memory and eyesight, and also increases lustre, strength and potency.
The hair roots get strengthened with the hair getting darker. It purifies the blood and improves
Scientific research has confirmed that the anti-oxidant enzyme available in Amla
prevents ageing. Fully ripened, and well-nourished fresh Amla fruits are beneficial to all. If that
is not available, Amla-powder, Amla-jam or Chyavanprash can be used throughout the year


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