Bajrangdas BAPA

My darshan of BAPA

The great sage SITA-RAM, may your glories be sung for thousands of years in the hustle bustle streets of Bagdana.BAPA performed innumerable miracles during His life and His tapasya favours Him Omnipresence-Omniscience-Omnipotent.
Thought of the day !

Hinduism is the exploration of the science of the soul for the contemplative student.

Mastery over Breath, command of the senses in the disciplines of Yoga as narrated in Shri Krishna’s Gita.

Experience Sahasrara Chakra Darshan in meditation and glimpse the Universe in the fabric of the spiritual body.

Discover the vast outer Cosmos in the physical realm is the expression of the inner consciousness!

That Man is God and God is Man !


Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu

May the immigrants of this World have Peace and Happiness 🙂

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